Weaning is a process when the baby stops breastfeeding. It can either be termed as baby led-weaning or the normal process of weaning, where the mother gradually reduces breastfeeding her baby. In either case the process involves a lot of patience.

Most mothers find it easy to wean their baby off breastfeeding when their baby’s are six months old. However weaning your baby off breastfeeding according to most child specialists should be baby-led. If the weaning process is initiated by the mother it could require a lot of patience and time. Most mothers who have prompted the process have said that it takes close to a few weeks to six months.

Although breastfeeding creates an intimate relationship between the mother and child, weaning in no way signals an end to that bonding. You will not have to look at other nurturing activities to keep that bond alive. Babies who are being weaned need reassurance as they are often vulnerable during this process. Sometimes there could be a battle of wills, especially if your baby has just had a fall or a fright.

At this time mothers need to give in during the initial process until you lean how to comfort them with other engaging activities. This process gives mothers the opportunity to introduce their baby’s to recipes that are easily digestible. It is however important that you continue breastfeeding your baby till he/she is 6 months old. Waiting until six months will ensure that your baby does not develop any allergies or aversion to particular foods introduced.

Food recipes that you need to introduce should not be too solid. Ensuring that it has enough of liquid either in the form of water or milk will make sure that your baby can swallow it. Introducing foods to your baby in the pureed form for your weaned baby should be the first step. Also different foods should be introduced gradually this will help you know if your baby is averse to any particular food.