Visions And Psychic Readings

The paranormal gift of seeing visions of the present and future defines what clairvoyance is. This special clairvoyance power is the gift that enables professional psychics and mediums to see things that would be invisible to the naked eye of ordinary people. A clairvoyant is a gifted advisor who has the ability of second sight allowing the seer to create psychic readings. The process of clairvoyance involves attuning to the waves or vibrations of divine energy.

The word “clairvoyance” means “clear-sighted,” or the ability to see in the spiritual worlds. Although each of us inherently has this faculty, a relentless effort is required to clarify it in a positive manner. If it could be bought, many people would pay a high price for it. Few people, however, seem willing to live the life that is required to stir it.

There are two types of clairvoyance. Positive, voluntary clairvoyance is when a person can voluntarily uses this ability at will. This type of clairvoyance is developed through training and practice. Negative, involuntary clairvoyance exists when the sights of the spirit worlds come without invocation and cannot be controlled. In the brain are two small organs called the pituitary body and the pineal gland. Medical science knows little about them, and calls the pineal gland “the atrophied third eye.” The pituitary body and the pineal gland belong to still another class of organs, however, which are considered dormant.

In the far past, when man was in touch with his inner self, these organs were his means of reaching inside. They were connected with the involuntary or sympathetic nervous system. In most people these sense centers are inactive, but instruction and practice will set them spinning clockwise. That is the difficult feature in the development of positive clairvoyance, which is required to do psychic readings.

The development of negative clairvoyance, or mediumship, is much easier, because it is merely a revival of the mirror-like function possessed by man in the far past. With present-day mediums this power is discontinuous, which explains why they can sometimes “see” and at other times, for no apparent reason, are not able to. The person whose centers turn counter-clockwise is like a mirror, reflecting only what they see, hear and feel. Such a person is incapable of reaching out for information on a conscious basis.

A clairvoyant psychic is a person who by definition can ignite a spiritual phenomena so as to allow a shared vision of the unseen and assist in guiding a person towards enhanced health, wealth and happiness through psychic readings. Trained clairvoyance should be used for investigating occult facts, and only used for that purpose. Therefore the candidate must feel, not a wish to gratify an idle curiosity, but a holy and unselfish desire to help humanity. Until such a desire exists, no progress can be made in the attainment of positive clairvoyance and psychic readings may not be accurate.