Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A

The Apple product lineups which will be available for its loyal customers will be extended this season due to the release of the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A. This is a portable computer with the power equivalent to that of a desktop computer. The 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor is trusted to give this product the processing power it requires.

And the 4GB random access memory module is trusted to tandem the processor in order to give users satisfying computing experience.

The Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system which Apple has installed onto the product does have the power to give users a wide range of things they may be able to do with their Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A. Offered with either the 9600M GT or the 9400M with dedicated 512Mb dedicated memory, this product can definitely be considered as a powerful gaming machine. And it is the most powerful when combined with the 8GB random access memory capacity.

Apple has surely found its way in the world of the hard core gaming community. This lot power can also be used very conveniently for doing every other thing such as editing picture or working on a lot of software. In terms of processing power, Apple trusts Intel which is why they are featuring the Intel Core 2 Duo processor for the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A.

The processor is backed by 2.8GHz frequency, 6MB L2 cache and 1066 MHz FSB. For the display, Apple has prepared the 17-inch TFT widescreen with the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. The screen is a WUXGA screen.

This is more than enough to spoil the eyes of the gamers as well as the editors to see every detail of whatever image is on the screen. Built with the 500GB hard disk drive, this Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A Laptop is sure able to store even a vast range of games for the extreme hard core gamers. It will be nice if we can put our picture into the game we are about to play.

Thus, Apple offers the iSight camera as well which is able to perform just about anything another similar camera can also perform. The user of the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A can take picture with the camera. They can also initiate or join a video conference with this iSight camera.

Even though the user of the product is offered a very wide range of features and things to do with the product, the user, of course, are not likely to be willing to get isolated from their colleagues, families and friends. To overcome this, Apple has managed to enable the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A to connect using either its Wi-Fi technology or the Bluetooth technology.

What Apple has done with the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A is, as a matter of fact, amazing. Yet, even that is not enough for somebody. However, it is good to know that some people really appreciate the product since to them, the product is able to do just about everything they expect the product to do and so it is worth their money. But there are some people out there that complain about the product.

They think that it is not wise for Apple to make it impossible to replace the standard battery which comes bundled with the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A. This will harden them to solve the problem of a damaged MacBook Pro But, although we do hear that some people complain, it is a relief, as well as a shock, to know almost every single user of the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A out there is quite satisfied with the product in some ways. And they do give good or even high scores that the Apple MacBook Pro MC226B/A deserves.