Acer – Authentic Review

Acer laptop review can come handy by visiting various reviews on the internet or by dropping to your nearest Acer store. It is a Taiwan based company which was set up in the year 1976. The portable extensions of Acer are its Travelmate series. These are developed keeping in mind of the various consumers who are always traveling.

Acer has focused its development and technical power to manufacture advanced user friendly computing services. After sale service is also satisfactory. The consumers of Acer laptops are widespread all over the world. The after sale services are great. Acer Aspire series and the Acer Ferrari series are using cutting edge technology.

They have maintained their standard and quality for long years. They have created a strong place for themselves in the market. The laptops made by Acer have 299.00 Intel Pentium III 600 MHz Processor 128 MB with a RAM of 12 Gb hard disk CD RW Drive. They use an in built modem and Ethernet of a configuration of 10/100 Lan Infra Red port with an audio in-out and Mic jacks using 2 USB ports.

These are 1 parallel and 1 serial port. The memory and hard disks are upgraded stuffs with Lithium-ion batteries and drivers CD Rom. Acer Ferrari – This is termed as ideal in the Acer laptop review. It combines the latest mobile 64-bit technology. A high resolution of 15.4 inch screen along with high level of performance makes it well demanded among the consumers. A flash card slot is provided for various purposes.

A 1GB RAM along with a tray less double layered optical drive is the best choice. Communication can be made much faster at lightening speed with Acer Ferrari. These are extremely durable and sturdy in nature. Thin and light weighted and very easily carried to carry from places. The Ferrari range of Acer comes with a display of 11.6 inch. It comes with Dual core AMD Athlon CPU with a 4GB of RAM.

The ATI HD 3200 graphics chip comes with the Acer series. The Ferrari range has a 250 GB hard drive with the latest Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Acer Travelmate – This model of Acer also comes at the high list according to various acer laptop reviews. It gives high performance, a great portable nature of the notebook with all basic features at your disposal. For various employees of small, medium a well as large business, the Acer Travelmate is an ideal choice.

This has been manufactured keeping in mind of the various requirements of self employed professionals. It uses Intel’s CentrinoT mobile technology. They have brought power and performance together. Acer Aspire- The Acer laptop review consider Acer’s Aspire to be a great versatile natured laptop.

It adds to mobility, performance levels are enhanced and it suits the best for the individual working environments. Acer laptop review states the existence of various products available for various requirements of the user. The Travel mate notebooks have convertible Tablet PCs with great Intel Pentium processors. A wide screen Aspire notebook or Ferrari notebook are in demand.